Connection Issues

Connection problems can manifest in a number of ways. Follow this guide if you're getting disconnected, can't connect at all, or your world isn't loading correctly.

Let's make sure your communication with Creativerse is clear. Please click and follow each of the sections below.

Miru - "Let's get connected! "

  • Antivirus Apps

    Are you running an antivirus program or any apps that block HTTP communication?

    If so, add the following exclusions:

    • A file/folder exception for the Steam folder
    • A URL exception for

    Miru - "No problem, except... I don't know how to add exceptions! "

    It's usually easy! Here are links to instructions for adding exceptions in some of the most common web security programs:


    Miru - "Uh oh. I use a program you didn't list. "

    Check the program's website for instructions, or Google it! (i.e. "How to add an exception to [name of the program]")

  • Firewalls

    Do you have a firewall?

    Make sure traffic is allowed on these ports:

    • UDP 14000 - 15000
    • UDP 27000 - 27037
    • UDP 4380
    • TCP 27014 - 27050

    Miru - "I don't know how to open these ports. "

    For Windows Firewall, please use this guide from Microsoft.

    If your router has a firewall, the process depends on your specific router model. Your favorite search engine can probably show you the way.

  • A Broader Approach...

    When all else fails, the below refresh/upgrade routine is likely to address most known connection problems in one shot. Please do the following steps in the exact order listed:

    1. Exit Steam completely.
    2. On Windows, set Steam to run as an Administrator (Right-click the Steam shortcut > Properties > Compatibility > Select Run this program as an administrator).
    3. Re-launch Steam.
    4. Uninstall Creativerse (From your Steam library, right-click Creativerse and select Delete Local Content...).
    5. Validate your antivirus and web security settings (see Section 1 above).
    6. Validate your firewall settings (see Section 2).
    7. (Re)install Creativerse.

    Miru - "That still didn't work and I have hungry pets to feed! "

    Sounds like you need some extra help...