Learn to Play

Learn how to play Creativerse and get help for common issues.

Getting Started

Welcome to Creativerse! The game is set in a beautiful but treacherous world shrouded in mystery. This guide will help you learn the basics and survive and thrive in the land.

Machines Guide

Machines are a powerful system for bringing your world to life. Here's a guide to getting started wiring and making them most of automation in Creativerse.

Teleporter Guide

Teleporters are rigged with a fairly complex system. But don't be overwhelmed -- in a few minutes you'll be a pro who can exploit teleporters for maximum flexibility.

Admin Tools Guide

An in-depth look at the world options, admin controls, and server commands available in Creativerse. Used appropriately, these tools can protect your worlds from troublemakers.

Additional Resources

One of the great things about Creativerse is our amazing community, who have put together quite a few guides and extra tools. Here's where to find them.